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At Sweet Heart Winery, good wine is about more than a complex bouquet and a smooth finish. For us, it’s a matter of the heart. Our process is one of passion, patience, and persistence—combining care and devotion with artistry and skill. From grape to barrel, we strive to create wines that reflect all of the love and dedication we put into them—wines that linger on the palate and in the memory, making times spent with family, friends, and loved ones that much sweeter.

We use grapes sourced through partnerships with small-lot vineyards and wineries in both California and Colorado, where the owners, workers, and winemakers share our wholehearted commitment to quality. And by carefully crafting, aging, and bottling our wines locally, we ensure an end product that’s authentically ours and distinctly delicious, every time.

“In wine, one beholds the heart of another.”
French Proverb


Sweet Heart Winery


Indulge your senses with our range of wine varietals and stunning Colorado setting. From big, bold reds to crisp, bright whites, experience the flavors at the heart of our winery.


A superb pairing of rustic charm and classic elegance, Sweet Heart Winery offers the ideal backdrop for your celebration or event.

Sweet Heart Winery


Thoughtfully crafted to bring people together, Sweet Heart wines are the perfect centerpiece for times spent in good company.


From spur-of-the-moment tastings to planned events, we love getting to know our customers and sharing our heartfelt work with them. So come by or get connected—anytime. And take a look at our  Event Calendar to see just what we're up to.

Sweet Heart Winery

Sweet Heart Winery
From heart to glass.


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